Bill Cipher by King Gigabyte (critique requested)

Bill Cipher (critique requested)

King Gigabyte

7 July 2018 at 16:43:07 MDT

Here's my version of Bill Cipher! He's the one I roleplay. I had a blast making this and I was going to do a wild wierdmageddon BG but I just super didn't have the energy for it right now. 

The trippy space bg I whipped up is just as nice though ! I used a few of the space brushes I have to construct the bg.  There's also a weird texture and gradient on it. The stars though where hand done with brushes.

I love this picture so much my god. 

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How I made it</b 

The BG Is made of a gradient overlay which I used a hue filter to turn red/purple. I then used the star brushes on it.

Bill was sketched in Photoshop using Nanda's real pencils brush pack. I then used the vector tool in sai to ink him and applied flats in sai.

The BG and finishing touches were done in Photoshop.

Credits Programs used: Photoshop cs6 and easy paint tool sai and lazy nezumi pro

Materials: huion tablet and mouse

Brush Credit:  jeffrettalyn - ultimate space brush packSoennanda -  Nanda's real pencil brushes Time taken: a few hours at least 3+

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