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[C] 8 Legged Racooon and And Electric Wolf by Killerwolf1020

[C] 8 Legged Racooon and And Electric Wolf


13 May 2016 at 12:39:08 MDT

Commission for Bladewolf on FA

He and his friend Teal (owned by pilli10 on FA) are the main attractions at a carnival and look like pretty awesome specimens. Defiantly worth the cost of addition.

Enjoy the show.

Other characters enjoying the show
Nite owned by Nitrateflux
Pyro owned by Pyro_Pygmy
Tokky owned by Tokky
and NiLu my sona

Art and NiLu © Killerwolf1020
Bladewolf © Bladewolf
Teal © pilli10
Nite © Nitrateflux
Pyro © Pyro_Pygmy
Tokky © Tokky