After the Storm by Killerwolf1020

After the Storm


17 September 2015 at 20:40:03 MDT

"Staring out into the glowing sea I feel the calm of dusk sweeping over the land. The rain slowed and the clouds brightened and the last of the setting sun burst though the clouds, wishing the world one last blessing as it traveled to the other side. The storm had passed as I sat on the cliff side. The fire of the spirit orbs burned bright, glowing a passionate purple. Lost spirits, brought forth by the need of companionship, beckoning the night and bringing with it serenity. I comforted them, protected them, we would no longer have to face this world alone."

About the picture:

I have been working on this picture for about a week. The picture was sketched in my sketchbook then scanned onto my computer where I inked and colored the image using Photoshop and a wacom intuos tablet.

The dragon is a fictional representation of me named NiLu, which is the name given to me at the orphanage in China where I was adopted from. NiLu is wearing a Chinese dress called a Chenogsam. I love the look of the dress and though I am not really a dress wearing type, I couldn't help but explore the idea of having my Chinese dragon dress in traditional Chinese clothing. This also stemmed from the fact that I am raised in a White family environment and have not had any exposure to my Chinese heritage.
This image was based off a joke/Halloween picture I have been drawing where my dragon is dressed up in the Chenogsam and is trying to use chopsticks. (Not knowing how to use chopsticks is an actual event that happened to me, I do not know how to chopstick in my 22 years of living on this planet.)

Constructional criticism is welcome but please try to do a 3:1 ratio of good:bad as that's how I work best.

Art and NiLu © Killerwolf1020