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All Dogs Breed Show sketches by kikidoodle

All Dogs Breed Show sketches


26 January 2014 at 01:52:21 MST

Tumblr likes this, so I'll repost here.
Sketches from today when I visited the All Dog Breed show in Cow Palace near San Francisco. My only regret was that I didn't have more time to pet and doodle the doggies! Also, the BEST THING EVER is drawing a pooch just to have it run up and give you kisses. Also, all of the breeders were WONDERFUL in telling me about their dogs! I was pleasantly surprised. I overheard a lot of conversations of people going "I like this dog, tell me about it" and the breeders would tell them all of the worst possible cases that could happen with their dogs to try and scare a person away first before they got into how much they absolutely loved the dogs. That's really a breath of fresh air.

Watercolored pencil and a little ink brush.

dogs in order from left to right by row:
1. dalmations, irish and gordon settesr, greyhounds, salukis.
2. border collies, puli(k), shar-pei, giant schnauzer
3. borzoi (which, btw, are HUGE. These guys were 10 months old and came up past my hips)

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    Cute dogs! I love life-drawing sketches, thanks for sharing!

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    All of these doodles have so much life and movement to them! :D Thank-you for sharing! <3

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    Such good silhouettes and proportions and SHAPES! <3