Snail Traveler by Kigs

Snail Traveler


28 January 2014 at 03:05:59 MST

I stepped on a snail today.

This would not be strange, except for the fact that I live on the second story of an apartment building. No stairs lead up to my balcony. In fact, the area directly beneath by balcony is a gaping 20 ft drop to the neighbor below me.

Which begs the question... how did that snail get there? What strange and wonderful things lead it to such a strange place? Was it running away from something? Did it have a family? What drove it to such a blasphemous and unlikely place for a snail to be? Was it fleeing from some fearsome monster, the lone survivor in its gypsy band, or a romantic country snail trying to find its way to the big city? Was it seeking food, fresh air, or true love? Did it follow the promise that things could be better away from the ground it was familiar with? Or did it just go for a walk and lose track of time?

Who knows.

But, what I can say, is that the snail must have certainly traveled quite a long way.

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    A long way to go to get stepped on, at least. Still, I hope it had plenty of adventures in the interim.