On The Way Out by Kida

On The Way Out


13 September 2016 at 23:49:04 MDT

Kida is quickly learning that lineless art is SOOO much harder than it looks! Second try at a painted scene and just... ahh! I don't know how to make my characters not-blobby! xD It is pretty relaxing to do painted-style stuff though, I feel like I'm accomplishing and learning more at a faster pace as I work like this. :3

Lanetal and Kamik exploring a very lush field on a warm summer day~ I wish I could do the same but it's too damn hot out. >:C

Background was referenced from here: http://feelgrafix.com/data/landscape/landscape-7.jpg

View more info about the species here: http://tokotas.deviantart.com/

Characters belong to Tokotas and http://lilwyverngirl.deviantart.com/.
Art belongs to me.
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