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Kronos and Iva by KibaTheDemonicWolf

Kronos and Iva


a handful of my friends were really nice to volunteer and read all the old R.I.P. comics and rate them for me on a redraw, don't redraw, or a maybe and for there efforts sense the old comic was a whopping 51 pages and was horribly drawn an sometimes really hard to read from bad handwriting some pages dating back like 5 or 6 years I rewarded everyone with a drawing but done with the cheaper markers to save ink from the prismas sense not doing the best on cash so I can't just up and replace markers when I run low but everyone was super happy about getting a drawing even if it had to be the cheaper markers an hopped at the idea anyways so Super thankful guys <3 an thanks so much again for everyone that helped out! not counting the few people that traded a job for a job anyways but let me know if any of you want some form of shout out sense I did appreciate everyone's help with this!
here we have Kronos and his cat Iva, I've known him for so long it's not even funny at this point like he was probably my first official "fan" an then ended up being a friend lol an he has one of the most beautiful cats, she's just absolutely beautiful but I have a weakness for black cats anyways <3 there just so lovely an she has such lovely eyes, he let me post a few photos of her on the Instagram post of the drawing if you want to check the lil arrow to the right an there's three images of her after the drawing

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