Mother's Day 2019 - Mo'te by KibaTheDemonicWolf

Mother's Day 2019 - Mo'te


12 May 2019 at 10:29:33 MDT

Ab'ik's mother Mo'te is one of my favorite mother's of the Sen comic universe like I said in the video and even though the video was pretty much a bust sense the majority of it is blurry I'm still happy I got to draw one of my favorite mothers.
Happy Mother's Day to all the loving, strong, and wonderful women out there that are in our lives and the ones that are not with us anymore to, I'm lucky that I still have my mom, but I know my mom has a bit of bittersweet feelings towards mother's day cause she deeply misses her mother as I to deeply miss my grandma sense she was the greatest motherly figure anyone could ever wish for.
So if your lucky enough to still have her in your life make sure to remind your mom you love her, because time is precious an we have limited time to tell each other how much we mean to each other an it's easy to forget how much a little love and compassion can go in day to day life.

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