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Full armored Nova - Helmet by Kiaun

Full armored Nova - Helmet


26 March 2021 at 12:22:29 MDT

I get commissioned a lot to design sci-fi armor suits, but I don't usually design complex suit for my own characters.
so I decided to do something about it ahha, then I decided to add more paintery look to the final picture.
I'm not sure.. I feel like I'm enjoying the lines and flat coloring in the armor design pictures, but I just wanted to try to add more brushwork to this.

Nova is the main character from my Xeno Experiments Nova webcomic,
which you can read here:
of you can download in an updated version in this post (free)
Tools used: iPad + Procreate

I'm in Patreon! trying to make it work
I'm trying to get a steady income in Patreon, that way I will be able to spend more time doing art and hopefully work less in my normal desk job
so every little help counts