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TFA Beyond: OC Shika Morson by kiananuva12

TFA Beyond: OC Shika Morson


Transformers Animated: Beyond, a series by locharts , myself, and other friends.
A continuation and reimagination of Transformers Animated; introducing new characters and plots. Featuring both old and new characters as well as the next generation of various characters.

This is my OC Shika Morson.
Shika is from Earth and originally human, befriending the Autobots and helping them with their fight against the Decepticons as well as other Villain throughout Detroit. Shika begins learning Cybertronian Medical Care from Ratchet and helps Ratchet with repairing the team when he needs it. Shika is often viewed as the 'mom' of the group and is always looking out for her friend's well being. Ratchet had a crush on Shika for the longest time, which the feelings were reciprocated by the other as she spent more time with him and got to know him better. They later end up becoming Conjunx Enduras, and both later falling for Drift and becoming Conjunx Enduras with him as well after some time.

After some time, Shika decided to permanently stay in her Cybertronian mode, living on Cybertron when the Team officially decided to relocate there for the safety of Detroit (though they don't abandon it and visit from time to time to help and just see old friends). She becomes a medic on Cybertron and usually works closely with Ratchet, still learning new things from him and becoming quite accomplished in her own rights.

Big thanks to locharts for lining this for me, since I currently cannot draw with my computer problems.

Enjoy ^3^

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