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16 April 2017 at 20:12:10 MDT

coraadonnah is the daughter to the very wealthy king of zayrwenn. he had her as a product of his second marriage, or so everyone thought. he was actually impregnated by god himself at the age of 12. however, it took many years for such a child to develop, so she wasn't actually born until a decade later. her mother was suspicious about the child due to her husband's sudden interest in the biblical world, but wrote it off as a sudden change of heart. perhaps her sinful husband had finally looked towards the light and wished to repent! in her early childhood, coraadonnah found that she wasn't like other girls. she was two dimensional! she never found anyone else quite like her, until one fateful day. she was in the library, perusing through the children's book section when one caught her eye. flat stanley. after it peaked her interest, she was astounded to find that the boy named stanley was just like her! she immediately felt a personal, maybe even spiritual connection with the boy. she felt as if they were soulmates. there was no way that fate would not lead them to marry one another. star crossed lovers was the only way to describe the dynamic duo of two dimension. as soon as she got home, she demanded that her father buy all six of the flat stanley novels, so that she could feel closer to her honey bunny. as the years went on, she studied every book cover to cover, to the point that she could recite all six books by memory. she scoured the books for any hint of where stanley's location might be, but alas, there was nothing. she thought all hope was lost until one day, whilst she was researching her beloved in the library, a stranger caught her eye. he was tall, with the same green skin and singular eyebrow. his right leg was immensely long, whilst his left was a stub connected to a long spring. his pants were just as uneven, the long side having large flared jeans. the short side had what could only be described as bootcut booty shorts. he had vomit colored hair, yet it seemed to suit his vaguely oblong head, banana shaped chin, and massive nose. he was clutching a fork and a canister of lysol wipes close to his chest as he hobbled along. he was... perfect. she called out to him, soon forgetting her search for stanley. he looked at her and smiled a toothless grin, and from that moment on, she was hooked. she knew at that second that stanley was not meant to be her soulmate. no no, he was only a stepping stone. this man was her soulmate. he revealed himself to be named khrihd. after that day, they wasted no time getting married and running far far away from zayrwenn. together they had 94 children, each of which they loved and adored more than anything. today they are expecting a 95th child, and starting a kingdom of their own in which all of the royal subjects are their children. (new oc please don't steal)

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