Walk Through the Mirror by Khandle

Walk Through the Mirror


21 May 2016 at 05:44:05 MDT

This was made by redfoxj whom you can find here: https://www.weasyl.com/~redfoxj
The character is mine.

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    I've finally saw this movie. Now I understand it all... I think! Awesome character!

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      Oh cool. I assume you meant the movie of the musical. There's of course many versions of the character but the musical and the silent movie would be the main ones. And of course the original novel.

      There's quite a few differences through all of them but the main ideas are the same. The musical has almost all the scenes of the story but it strangely puts most of them in the wrong order of events. Plus the musical invented the half mask due to stage actors having trouble with full face makeup and masks.

      The silent movie is almost entirely like the book but they had to change the ending because audiences didn't like the original stories. And ironically, today most audiences wish they kept the original ending. The silent movie would be my favorite version as it is with most classic horror fans. Though I know lots of people today won't be able to stand the kind of acting silent film had to use.

      But there ya go. You got me going. I could talk forever about The Phantom of the Opera. hahaha But I'll stop now.