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July Conbadge: Haus for bluestone by kestral

July Conbadge: Haus for bluestone


bluestone's character Haus for the conbadgeexchange community, first time signing up and trying to do a con-badge I don't think I've done a bad job with him. and I'm happy with how this came out even though I'm still augh about shading and everything XD

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    Aww! You've done a splendid job! Haus looks adorable! And I love the touch of music! (smartly done ear buds, if you ask me - it must be tough to get ones that'd fit horse ears.) Like that they're purple too, by-the-by. Gotta ask, though, what's playing on the iPod? (Funny, I actually have an armband holder like that for when I'm doing chores on the farm - quite useful, that! Mine's just black and grey though. Not all that interesting. Mind if I ask what the symbol means?) Thank you again! Lovely job!

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      yaayy glad you like it! and its thunderstruck by AC/DC I was listening to that when I was finishing up and didn't want to leave a blank screen XD and its just a random swirly heart design it almost looks like a pokemon gym badge but I'm not sure which.

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        (sorry it took me so long to reply - no reliable internet =P ) Had to download that sound, didn't know it. Pretty funky, I like it! (Then again, it's AC/DC, kinda hard not to).

        Thank you again - Haus looks great!