"It's okay" by Kenson

"It's okay"


7 September 2015 at 03:30:41 MDT

Just a bit of vent art. Whenever I catch myself feeling down I do a few things: go to God, take a deep breath, and draw Kenson.

Kenson is a very personal gift from God. I swear he's actually a living being that exists in some plane somewhere yet lives inside of me with Jesus.

I find myself talking (out loud actually) to Kenson a lot whenever I feel depressed. What's strange is that I'm not even close to talking to myself. I always picture Kenson just listening and giving me advice back whenever I feel a certain way about something and this piece is basically just that.

He's reassuring me that everything is okay. Since Kenson is me, yet I can't help but feel that he's also a separate being, the idea of something so personal to me just letting me know that everything's okay really just helps me spring back into my natural self.

Whether he's the embodiment of the Holy Spirit or something else different all together, I had to draw him and vent.

So, I hope you guys enjoy regardless. ^^ <3

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