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Commision Guide by Kenkou

Commision Guide


10 April 2014 at 22:19:58 MDT



*Important Info

I still use my training wheels when it comes to backgrounds. Backgrounds WILL cause the price of your commission to go up! Fee WILL range from $2-$8 depending on complexity and 'stage' you want completed.

Extra character fees are as follows (PER CHARACTER)
Type- Headshot - Fullbody
Sketch $2-4
Lines $4-6
Flat Color $4-6
Cell Shade $4-6
Painted $6-8


Payment must and will ONLY be accepted via Paypal in USD

Full payment is due upon acceptance of the commission by me. I will not start your commission until I have received payment. If for any reason you are placed on a "waiting list", I will tell you when I am ready to start your commission, and payment will be due at that time.


For commissions above the sketch option, I will show you the sketch for your approval before continuing to line,paint and so on. Once you finalize your sketch/lines, I am not responsible for any further revisions to the 'structure' of your painting. Once final, the painting cannot be changed.


I aim to have any and all commissions finished within a reasonable amount of time. If you have a deadline (i.e. "This is for my friend's birthday on x/xx/xx"), I will be more than willing to finish before that deadline, provided you give me adequate time to work. Otherwise, I will not promise a date your piece will be finished.

*What will you draw?

Anything G to R/NC17
I have a board range from fantasy, animals, humans, mythical creatures and more.

Commissions give me practice and with each work I learn to draw a LARGE variety of subjects. If there is something that I absolutely cannot draw or am not willing to draw, I will tell you up front.

I WILL DRAW FANART PROVIDED I SEE FIT (i.e. MLP, Pokemon, Digimon, etc)

*What will you NOT draw?

I don't have really any limits on sex, kinks and gore.
BUT I will NOT draw anything depicting rape, pedophilia, and so on. And remember when in doubt, more than likely I wont draw it out. BUT I am willing to answer any and all notes asking what you have in mind is or is not acceptable.

*Copyright and Ownership Information

I retain all rights to the image. This means that I, and only I, can make reproductions, sell prints, make revisions, and upload the image to any galleries that I may choose.

The commissioner retains rights to the characters depicted in the image(Provided they are theirs). This means that while I am able to reproduce or alter the specific work, I am not allowed to use the characters in any future work without the commissioner's permission.

I do give the commissioner permission to use the said work for icons, backgrounds and so on. BUT the works should NOT be re-uploaded to your galleries. That is was faving/linking/offers are for. If curious or have any questions about this please send me your concern and pleas for exceptions will be discussed before the commissioning process begins.

I retain the right to refuse a commission for any reason.

There are NO refunds. Once the payment is sent there is NO backing out. So please commission me responsibly.
IF there is a dire emergency and you cant afford my services, we may discuss a possible refund; with a high chance of it being HALF of what you originally sent.

Any questions or concerns feel free to note me!

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