Coldfire and Min'Nye by Kellendraysia

Coldfire and Min'Nye


10 June 2014 at 21:34:29 MDT

This is an illustration that I did for a story that I started called Bindings of the World: Winged Child. Containing the characters Coldfire and Min'Nye, for a contest held by a friend of mine on deviantArt many years ago.

The winged character Coldfire belongs to deviantART-Akarui and is used with permission. Min'Nye is a dragon breed of my own design found with in the world of my own creation that I threw Coldfire into. This picture will be an illustration for a later chapter in the story.

Even now I am pretty happy with the way this image turned out in the end, though I must admit I do not want to handle coloring that much rock facing again for a little while at least, anywhere from 4-6 sometimes seven colors blended together to achieve the textures and variety of colors in the rock alone. I'm not fully pleased with the mountain that is in the far background but I love this picture on a whole.

I have submitted a detail Coldfire to keep the size of the full image down a bit for easier viewing.


11x14 Vellum Bristol Board
Sakura Micron Pens
Prismacolor Pencils

Time Frame to color approx. 12-14 hours

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Visual / Traditional

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