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Sleeping Angel by Kellendraysia

Sleeping Angel


This was to be the first in a series of drawings that I started that include a character of a friend and a character of mine as a plushie. I do have another piece started but when I lost my desktop computer a few years ago I lost the progress I had on the other image. Maybe one day I will start this project up again but I'm not certain.

The sleeping character is Helios who belongs to midnight21, and the plushie is Gavon.

This is one of those pieces that I almost want to do a then and now redraw of but I'm not certain.

Artwork & Gavon © Jessica Dubridge
Helios © Lisa Miller

Please do not copy, reproduce or distribute

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    Oh I remember this character! He's adorable! :D

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      I've always enjoyed Helios' design. He is a fantastic character of Midnight's!

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        Hehe. I don't know all that much about the character but I do remember Mid introducing me to him once. He certainly is a cutie. X3

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    i remember this piece and I think you've done a great job with it. if you want to give it a reboot that's completely fine with me. you have my blessing. while i'm on that note i should probably do a venus reboot at some point while staying true to your concepts... it's only fair after what we had to put up with.