Six Same Faces by Kazenishi

Six Same Faces


24 May 2016 at 17:15:06 MDT

Ah yes, Rubymatsu Universe, my favorite anime

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    Well, no you make me want to watch the episode again.
    Which isn't a problem X3

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      I love that episode so damn much! I may rewatch sometimes too, like all the other ruby+sapphire episodes XD
      I don't get tired of them, they're too precious <3

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        Did you catch Steven Floats? It also leaked, but only recently.
        Next in line after Hit the Diamond. Not as precious, but a growth episode and some funny "meta" lines, I suppose.

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          Yes, i did! I love their "filler" episodes, they're so peaceful and great to relax tbh, it was great to see some old characters again I can't wait to see Connie again aa!
          also i with i could hug Pearl :'D