Digimon Tri by Kazenishi

Digimon Tri


15 March 2016 at 14:35:00 MDT

Digimon Adventure Tri.
The Adventure continues

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    Too bad its sooooo slow
    Probably watch next year

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      ikr? I'm trying to watch as it's released and duuude the hype is so real; each batch leaves me anxious for the next :'3c
      Thank you btw!

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        Yea just what are they doing thats taking them months to do vs a weekend showing?
        Chapter 1 was so fucking slow & boring
        Its very first airing got into the action.
        Here? Nope :/
        Oh and the digivultions arnt that great

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          Yeah, I'd prefer if weekly too and I srly don't know why Toei doesn't do so; I believe they have enough budget, but oh well, I'm ok this way too
          The fisrt chapter was veeery introdutory, showing characters ad how they are atm; introducing the new girl and all, I enjoyed it as it was fun and good for remmber some points. The second got my attentions bcause somethings started to happen close to the end (again), but mainly for showing the digimon emperor/Kaiser! I loved Digimon Adventure 02, it got me totally hype for the next chapter hah :''3c
          I totally agree with the last point tho, I was waiting more of the evolutions scenes and it was pretty much a "turn off" on the series //: