Crystal Cave by Kazekai

Crystal Cave


30 November 2012 at 09:38:09 MST

OH. MY. GOD. This took me so long but it's finally done.

Got a lot of advice on this one, I've never successfully drawn anything with so many light sources before but I'm satisfied with this attempt.

This was a request for someone - keep in mind there are very few people who I'd do a project as time-consuming as this, it took me around 2 weeks on and off, with me sitting in a stream that lasted over 6 hours to get the bulk of it done, I think this is one of the biggest projects I've ever done but it was worth it.

The character isn't mine, it's my friend's. He asked me to draw him as a cub, that was it. He sent me a text file with some character backstory in it ages ago and I took an idea from that where he finds a cave full of glowing crystals and crafts his sword from some of them.

Also yes he has five tails, yeah yeah generic-ass trope blah blah get bent.

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    That is actually pretty. For advice: try to maintain one light source first. When you learn how the light reacts you can put other light sources and find the places where it bounces off.

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      Thanks. I liked drawing it but this was really difficult with six sources of light, probably not gonna do that again for a while and it took so much longer than it should have just because I have no idea what I'm doing. :D

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    This is adorable!~ I love the soft palette you used, nothing too overly saturated, and still plenty of color. >w<

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      Thank you, that's what I was going for, I am still learning but I'm glad I could achieve that.