Wait, What Happened? by Kayote

Wait, What Happened?


17 January 2014 at 22:38:13 MST

The numb kit rested gently in the arms of his captor -- the Good Doctor was getting his clients' baby girl all ready for adoption. It was so easy. This kit regressed faster than any of his guinea pigs before. It was intriguing.

Something made him believe the little fox already wanted this in the first place.

He smirked and placed her on the table, and taped up the bubbly little kiddo leaning in to make sure there weren't any signs of wear in behavior. He slipped over the dress and rolled her stockings on, patting the girl on the thigh before sitting her up and doing her hair.

Oh yes.

It was complete. The little girl giggled and blushed as she was picked up and placed in her play pen. It didnt take long for the fox to come to.
He blinked a few times before sniffling.
"Uh...what's...what's going on?!"

The Doctor turned and smirked, twitching his tail before turning on a music box and sitting it on a table near by.
He sat in a chair adjacent to the pen, and leaned foward, chin resting on his folded hands, eyes peering over his glasses as he gave a devious smile.
"Relax....play a little bit."
The fox was falling out again...

Sketch commission for deadlydl on FA.

Art (C) Kayote 2014

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    By the looks of it you have been hypnotised