Out of Retirement by Kayana

Out of Retirement


28 May 2016 at 02:35:39 MDT

I dug this Zorki-4 out of the attic a while ago and cleaned it up a little bit. I've recently checked it mechanically and it still appears to be light-tight so I've treated myself to a roll of 35mm film.
I've gone for colour as it's cheaper to buy and develop in store as I'm on a tight budget. While I would like to learn to develop my own film, that's unlikely to happen in the close future.
I'd been using the lens on the a6000 mirrorless, it will be fun to use the whole package again.

Canon 7D
Sigma 17-50mm

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    Those things are built like tanks.
    I've got a couple lovely Kiev's myself.

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      I probably last used it about 20 years ago, looking forward to trying it again!

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    Such a beautiful little camera. Have to share the results, if scanning the image does justice.

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      It is a well made little thing. I've still got the original case for it too.

      I'll share if I do get any good shots, thanks!

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      It's taking me a while as realising I've only got 36 shots I don't want to waste them all on the same thing! Hoping for the weather to clear up a bit so I can head outdoors :)

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        The joys of film photography. Have to make that shot count as opposed to the 36,000 opportunities on an SD card!

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          I won't pretend it's fantastic but I just uploaded a scan here!