Cheetah Mechanical Frame by Tanraak by Kauko

Cheetah Mechanical Frame by Tanraak


16 October 2017 at 14:17:13 MDT

Mechanical Frames are a highly experimental synthetic body designed by the OmniTech Corporation for use in space or in low-to-medium load environments. Here, we see Kauko remoting into their 'cheetah' frame (model F/M-F02) in order to perform ship repairs in an EVA operation. Mechanical Frames can operate safely in the vacuum of space as long as it has power, and hides micro thrusters and a long-operation power supply behind its plating.

This is something I've wanted to get drawn for a really long time, and I finally had more of a fleshed out idea to get done after coming up with the mechanical version of Kauko seen in Same Day Delivery. Obviously this is the cheetah version, whereas in that canon Kauko went out as a wolf.
Basically I wanted a high quality design that could also be used as a fully mechanical substitute for Kauko's standard biosynthetic body.

Art by the ever amazing tanraak!

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    That is a very nice looking cheetah robot, also very adorable. I can't help but thin perverted things because of how its designed though

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    This space suit have a really good looking. You bought a nice commission with an interesting point of view given. :3