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ADOPTS: Satyrconey *read description* by Katze

ADOPTS: Satyrconey *read description*


27 January 2014 at 20:54:50 MST

New Adopt Species!
These are the first three of my new species. I mean for these critters to have some set guidelines, but still make them flexible enough for you to use in other situations as you see fit (i.e. with set characters you already have, be it fantasy, modern, etc). Please read the information below before purchasing!

INFO: more will be added later when I'm not so out of funk from IRL issues
-Satyrconey are a race of fairly harmless folk, though they do like to cause mischief. Some are known to be more docile though, though less common.
-They are creatures of magic, but can only have one magic ability.
-They live in many different environments, but prefer warmer climates, as only the hair on their heads, and tails, is thick.
-They can be seen wearing trinkets, and clothes, but this is only typical of Satyrconey who live near other folk.
-Some of this info is subject to change. They do, and can, interact with really any creatures you may already have, I'm sure you're a lot more creative than I am at this point and time.
-Have any questions?? Feel free to message me!

-THESE ARE A CLOSED SPECIES. You cannot create them. You can, however, purchase one when I sell them, or commission me for a LIMITED CUSTOM SLOT.
-You are allowed to change the gender, and play with their markings, but otherwise their shape/body type should stay the same.
-Right now, these guys are a subject to change, and honestly, I don't care if you add markings or weird stuff to them. They're magic folk!
-Some creatures may come with a set magic assigned to them. This can be changed upon request from me.
-Some creatures may come with set clothes. You can, of course, change them at any time, and for an extra fee (usually no more than $5 USD), you can have both a clothed, and non-clothed Satyrconey.
-I can make small changes to the design if you ask upon purchase, but for anything extravagant, I will ask for a small fee. (usually no more than $5 USD)

Submission Information

Visual / Digital


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    Psst. How much for the middle guy? ovo

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      Oops I was literally about to edit the info with prices--he's $25 USD (paypal)!

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        Hehe, may I buy him then?

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          yay, sure! let me message ya <3

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    Pretty babies. I'm so happy I was able to get the little fella on the side. Ya'll need to buy Kitty's art 8D

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      screee ;x;