Vielleicht ist das nicht irgendein grünes Shirt by Katara (critique requested)

Vielleicht ist das nicht irgendein grünes Shirt (critique requested)


3 January 2015 at 08:17:15 MST

sondern Manuel Neuers!

(Maybe it isn't any green shirt, but Manuel Neuers)
Ha.. can't stop making Neuer-Jokes XD

And beside Mats Hummels (#5) Manu is my second favorite player.
He's the best goalie in the world also able to play as midfielder.. He's so fucking strong, tall and has big arms, hands and legs... I can't handle it XD
You should see him warm-up before a match...! Beautiful!

Ah whatever...

Well.. it's 2015. Time to try new things.
I bought myself a Wacom Intous Pro a few months ago and I think it's kind of hard to handle. Especially outlining things is pretty difficult to me. I sketched a bit around to learn how to handle it but never had the courage to draw a whole painting.

I had this picture of Katara wearing Manuel Neuers Jersey (and the pink panties XD ) in mind for quite a long time now. After I had a very shitty start in the new year I finally sketched it in my sketchbook to brighten my mood. Right after I did that I had the idea I could colorize it with my new Wacom – So, this is my very first and serious attempt in digital drawing after erm... 11 years?! And I kind of like the result... I really have to learn much more and I don't know where this will bring me but I'll work on my skills with this freaky little thing. If you have any tips or tutorials you can recommend, please give me a hint. It'd be much appreciated! :)

Real Media will be still my main media to work with. For me Digital Drawings are still nothing I can touch and hold in my hands... But it's great to try new things so maybe you'll see some more digital artwork by me in future. I'll upload the tries on my tumblr. Feel free to follow me there if you're interested -

img (c) by me | Katara (c) me
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