Pool playin Chibi tiggie by Katalina

Pool playin Chibi tiggie


22 February 2013 at 14:02:36 MST

Rawr! I have come through space and time to play pool! ALL THE POOL!

A little gift for my hunny jtigerclaw Cause..well..I can ^^

I worked so hard on this..and i screwed up! >,<

Ever get so inpsired and excited about something that Nothing else matters? Not even sleep?

Apparently, what happened last night, was that my brain made a bad copy of itself, to trick me into thinking I was actually Awake and doing things, when in reality it snuck off and went to sleep.

"Kat, what the hell are you babbling about?!"

well, it's like this. Last night I was trying new things and looking for a suitable background, and I found one. What you see there.

"ok so what's your issue?"

My Issue is, I stuck it on the wrong layer my Ink layer...and today when I saw it was messy and needed cleaning, that's when I saw my mistake. >,< And I was doing So well with the layers this time!

So it's not as good as I wanted it, but it's still damn adorable. Another lesson learned in the life of photoshop ^_^

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