Laputa - Piano cover ! by Karuno

Laputa - Piano cover !


3 January 2013 at 17:39:20 MST

After Can You Feel the Love Tonight, another cover on my beloved and georgous piano. This is an exception piano, I think. It's a midget but sounds like a concert grand piano. Love it <3

Copyright Joe Hisaishi & Ghibli Studios

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    Nice and smooth tones.
    Havent seen a piano like that before either, usualy don't see the hammers that hit the strings 0.ó

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      All pianos can show their hammers. On upright, you just have to remove the front panels and it shows everything :P That's how technicians makes changes and harmonizations <3

      I'm proud of my piano to be honest. Except for the lower register which is kinda "muddy" if you play tight chords (but even on grand pianos it does that.)It's a very fine instrument !

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        Does it not lower the quality of the sound when removing the front panel?
        I am no musican ^^; so I don't really know. Only played very little and tried learning how to play piano but mostly just played around for fun and ending not learning any notes in the end.
        Tho I do enjoy listening to those that can handle music instruments

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          Au contraire ! It helps the sound propaging ; that's why grand pianos are always open in concert or performances :-)

          Upright pianos usually have practice and decoration purposes, so their mecanics are hidden with woodery and sculpted ouvrages :-)
          But they can be opened as well and the sounds is simply awesome like this, given the piano is an instrument of quality :P