Ponderings by Kalietha

When floundering in the hidden seas
A wandering soul drifts past unseeing eyes
And brittle madness reads the lines
Of flimsy scripts long forgotten
When chaos breeds in electric fumes
And warriors walk into their tombs
There to wait; not to fight
Quietly slipping into the night...
Falling tears from age-old fears
Will come to haunt us once again.

When blackness breathes in every heart
And welcomed, there, the cold and dark
When light is gone from every eye
Yet joy is proclaimed unto the sky
To be heard in every ear
That this is better than prior years
When thought is cast aside for hate
And reasoning has barred the gate...
Falling tears from age-old fears
Will come to haunt us once again.

When the mind again turns to the past
But remembers well the time to come;
Considering threads of causality
And that fate or will is theirs to play
When learning comes as logic ought
With experience and reason at its side
When for our freedom each breath is fought
And by its light all acts considered
To find the limits and limitless delight
Of endless reaches of human might
Our self-willed walls falling out of sight -
Then falling tears from age-old fears
May dry away, once again.



30 September 2015 at 14:58:11 MDT

Something I came up with almost a year ago and never thought to upload.

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