Nap Time by Kalid909

Nap Time


10 June 2015 at 00:10:39 MDT

I herd u lyke Valen? :P

(Also; Hands are for noobs! >( ...Ahem. )

Valen, the big brute there, is animal and human minded equally, though raised like a beast. He's used to sleeping in dog piles with other creatures, and tends to just like curling up with things or people in general. in this case, Zeph, a half-vampire belonging to RaganrokWulf :D If you've been following me a while, you'll probably recognize them both. Zeph is about 5'5" I believe, and very dainty; where as Valen is 7'2" and extremely broad, making her look even smaller than she already is. XD

Valen is really just a big lap dog or teddy bear when it comes to people he's really comfortable with, and Zeph, being so friendly, small, and pretty much incapable of harming a fly, is easy to get attached to. XD I should also add he likes to "claim" things or people he likes. It's no different with Zeph, various fluffy and snugglable objects, or Zeph's adorable cat. LOL

Gotta admit, though... He takes the cake when it comes to guard dogs! :D You'll never need to fear break-ins again!

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