.:Gifts:. Headshot Practice by kaleidoscopial

.:Gifts:. Headshot Practice


17 February 2014 at 11:32:40 MST

I had this weird urge to draw headshots for people today...so here are headshots for my friends? :XD:

Topaz is for me, Puzzle is for my wonderful boyfriend pricemc, Shayde is for my best friend (who isn't on dA, shame on her), Kaisha is my other best friend (also not on dA, shame reruns), Rea is for my lovewhale emo-black-cat, Pandora is for my photo-buddy Pandora1219, Kuura is for my old pal Adelrado, and Maru is for a friend I just started talking to again the-flying-mo.

These were a ton of fun! It was great to try different face structures, fur shapes, eye styles, etc. With this piece, I was really trying to individualize them. I really need the practice, too; with a comic on the horizon, I don't want all of my characters to have the generic wolf face that I tend to fall into...and I want them to have the same facial features in page 1 as they will fifty pages later.

I've uploaded these individually, if any of you guys (who I drew for, not you random people :P) want yours alone! :)

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