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.:PC:. Silver Forked Sky + Speedpaint by kaleidoscopial (critique requested)

.:PC:. Silver Forked Sky + Speedpaint (critique requested)


Speedpaint here!

This is the other commission I owe, this time for the lovely Ankhlet! She's one of my favorite artists, so it was such an honor to draw for her! I absolutely adore Kai, her colors and eyes and markings just flow so well together c:

A lot of things in this pic were kinda new for me to try! The forest in the background, the trees closer up, and the field of stars were all things I'd never really done before. As far as stars go, I normally just open Photoshop and splat on a couple of premade brushes, but I lost the really excellent ones I used to have, and have never been able to find them again. After a lot of failed attempts, I decided to just try my own this time...and I'm very happy with them!

Fun fact: apparently this only took me 3 hours??? I spent a lot of time throughout the day doing it though, which is probably why it felt like 6.

I hope I got everything right ;-; if there's anything you'd like me to change, feel free to let me know!!
/applauds self for doing two commissions in one day

Kai (c) Ankhlet
Art (c) me
No references used wow

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    Still extremely happy with this.
    Ya'll should commission this girl! She is fabulous. >:O

    Thanks again deary. :)

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      sdfghjk you're so welcome c:

      thank you for promoting me ahhhhhh