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Birger by Kalahan (critique requested)

Birger (critique requested)


Here's my newest OC, whose design is actually connected to my unpublished Fursona. Yep, I have one, just isn't ready yet. XD Any who, this OC of mine is special, as I made him for Disney's new animated movie Frozen. I can't explain it, but me, and my sister, are totally enamored with that movie! We cannot wait to see it again, and we keep watching the "Let It Go" scene countless times over on YouTube. X3

But one night...I started imagining a Fan Fiction...and Birger here is my character! :meow: He's a furry white Frost Dragon, and ain't he adorable? As one might say...HE'S SO FLUFFY!!! >w< You may notice he has, well, kind of a 'long' face. ^w^ That's because when I imagined him, he had this horsey face. I imagine plenty of dragons like that, I think I have a thing for horsey faces. Of course, I do adore horses, so I'm sure that constitutes a reason.

Any who, Birger here comes into the Frozen story a month or so following the events of the movie. I won't give too much into what happens in the story, but let's just say, Elsa's the focus. :meow: Me and my sister seem to love her most. ^w^

Overall, I love how I did Birger. He came so easily, I can't wait to try for a full-body pic. I also love how I did his antlers, see how the blue gets darker as it goes up? Perfect!! Very icey, just how I intended. And his ear tufts came out awesomely too! I am proud of every single bit of him! There's nothing I felt could be improved. Well, anatomy wise that is. XD

As for his name, it's a Swedish name that means 'to help, to save, to protect'. I had been having trouble finding a Swedish (or other origin) name because that's the kind of theme Frozen seemed to have. I couldn't find the perfect one till my mom looked at the list of Swedish names found with my designated keywords, and found 'Birger'. She noted what made it perfect: 1) the meaning. 2) Birger sounds like 'brr', like when you're cold. X3 So viola! He is Birger, and he is fluffy, and he shall be my fluffy Birger! ^w^

Art & Birger © Kalahan/Me

Frozen © Disney

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