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Jyphlath Species Guide by Kaku

Jyphlath Species Guide


☆.。This is a CLOSED species ☆.。

☆.。Morph Stones☆.。
☆.。Focused Morph Stones☆.。

Introducing the Jyphlath ("Jif-laugh")

A small, adorable companion species common in Jyphaskelo's forests.


Size: Averages about 2' tall, 15-30lb

Intelligence: Proficient at most simple/moderate tasks

Social: Yes, prefers medium to large groups but is content with at least one close companion. Doesn't deal well alone.

Language: Can learn up to one new language effectively. Not very good at juggling more than one language. Can only speak in anthro form, however. Vocalizes in barks and chirps otherwise.

Diet: Primarily insects/small animals. Will eat plants if food is scarce, but it's not preferred. In captivity; meat or special kibble formulated just for Jyphlath

Appearance: Small mammalian species. Most commonly with short, plush fur, a set of long decorative feathers, and a light base color for their fur.

Habitat: Forests, mostly. They've been seen in rockier areas if there is sufficient foliage around, however. In captivity they thrive best with tall perches to lounge. Anthro form has a preference for taller living conditions, but can deal without.

Morph Stones: A small stone imbued with magic in various shapes and colors. It allows a Jyphlath to attain an anthro form, so long as the stone is kept on their persons

This may be a closed species, but you can always get your own via adoptables or design auctions that I've done!

the example jyphlath is mine, btw ( ・ω・)ノ

art and Jyphlath © 2016 Kaku

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