Kaitty Stickers by Kaittycat

Kaitty Stickers


27 June 2016 at 17:17:05 MDT

My own personal Telegram sticker pack with a total of 66 stickers? And I keep adding to it!

Get it here if you have Telegram:

Telegram is an instant messenger that supports these incredible stickers and has really good syncing and image compression. http://telegram.org


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    So many good ones~ The happy walk/faceplant ones are too perfect to use together~

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      Those two stickers used to be the banner on my website, I got to repurpose them :3

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        Ah, I see ^^ OH I have to say the teeeeeeeeeny tiny like four or five pixel micro sticker is ingenious too. I haven't seen anyone play with the sticker size like that by anyone else!

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    this is a Good Meower

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      Mew nyan nyu mya meow myoo

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