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Pokemon Card TFs! by KaitoFletcher

Pokemon Card TFs!


So, after a few inquiries, I've decided to open up pokemon card TFs again.

Pokemon card TFs are pieces of copic marker artwork of you or your character transforming into a pokemon of your choice. The piece is laminated for protection and then a card of that pokemon is inserted into the design in a way that makes it possible to remove at any time.

These don't HAVE to be TFs. These can be just simple images of your pokemon character or a pokemon design with a card built into the design of the piece. If requested, these can be made into badges for cons as well.

My TOS still applies here for the do's and don't (No TG or Preg, but I do tend to shy away from the blatantly adulterated stuff as well since these are meant to be displayed. Mature topics are generally fine though)!terms-of-service/askbw

These cards are $70 each + the price of the card and + shipping. Generally cards will only add a dollar to the value, but sometimes people request one of my rarer ones, which can add up to $50 to the price. Just keep that in mind!

These are part of my usual work schedule, you'll get onto my calendar (found here: ) And I'll get it done on the day where the project fits :) )

Please feel free to contact me if you're interested in getting one of these!


Submission Information

Visual / Traditional


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    would it be possible to grab one please if that is ok

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    These Pokemon Badges look Awesome!!

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      Thanks so much!

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        Your Very Welcome! I will have to commission one from you someday! :)

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    :D I love mine! These are so awesome! ALL YOU PEOPLE SHOULD BUY THEM!!! xD

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    Are you still open for these? I'm interested in getting two~

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      I'm actually closed for all commissions right now since summer's over. But once I open again, I should be open for these too