Cutie-maws - By Tyrix by Kai.Kauske

Cutie-maws - By Tyrix


22 February 2017 at 15:28:54 MST

And here we have my foxxy android boy Casval, paired up with Resiline (one of my less seen characters). I recently had a bit of an impasse of which to get something of, so I got both. They do make a nice pair, heh. I do love how it came out, even if the artist's normal watchers don't much care for my designs. ( Guess if I had to nitpick, Casval is missing his luscious lips. but those are hard to pull off well on a muzzle.~)

For those curious, Casval is male (ish...) and as stated above, a foxish android and son to Revika (who many long term watchers will know) Resiline on the other hand is an exotic aquatic synth based on a species of mine that is yet unseen. Maybe if I ever do adopts of that species they will show up, but if not they are a bit on the back burner.

Res herself is a bit jellyfish, a bit shark and a bit inspired by aspects from my other synths. Though it comes togeather to make something rather unique, only matched in part by Kacylia who was inspired off of Resiline's design.

But before I ramble on too much more, I'll wrap it up. Once I get Res's backstory down on paper, I'll post the rest of the art I have featuring her.

Resiline and Casval are mine.

Art is by   Tyrix

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