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I'm Your Mom Now. by KagedBird

I'm Your Mom Now.


So to give some clarification:

In my D&D campaign, there are some pretty racist "dudes" called the Clergy.

In this one area, there was what is basically a monetarist on top of a hill, looking down on a village. When my party rolled up, we traded some Hippogriff meat for a hot meal [don't ask], and saw a Clergy member seated with three kids.

Agatio, Liza, and Markus.

Now... when I say the Clergy are racist, I mean against non-humans. And my character is a proud, beautiful Tiefling. Who loves kids. And doesn't give a shit about what the Clergy thinks of her. So she goes up to the kids- Agatio and Liza- and starts to talk to them. Agatio is a cute little blond boy. Liza is a red headed girl who... acted strange. Like a doll, almost.

My party member, Merri, went to talk to the other kid, Markus, as the Clergy member, Brother Fuscius, told the children not to play with Makaria. [My character.]

Fast forward, Markus tells Merri that he's looking for Faceless People in the reflection of his mirror.

[For those who know the horrors of Faceless People... whew.] [For those that don't, I'll get to that.]

Double fast forward to the next day, the kids are brought back down.

But Agatio isn't there.

Merri and Makaria automatically know something is wrong. Merri goes to talk to Brother Fuscius (as he's human and won't piss him off like I would), and is invited inside to learn their religion. He spies on the inside- mostly to get a book for our party member Gigas- and nearly gets out with Liza to save her.

Only... a Faceless Person nearly steals his past. He clocks him with his new found War Pick from his God (as he is our Cleric), nearly gets Liza out, before Fuscius calls for her, and she follows his Command. The spell.
(She's being brainwashed.)

So we get the book back safely, my character can't sleep because kids are Very important to her [and her backstory], and everyone sneaks in. My party sans Merri and I go deal with the threat down in the basement, the main Faceless Person, the Clergy's original founder. Pastor.

Merri distracts Brother Fuscius while I get out all of the kids and the children that were turned Faceless. They were made to pray in front of the Pastor if they began thinking "wrongly" and if they continued such thoughts... they were turned into Faceless People.

For those that don't know, Faceless People are pure grey, humanoid creatures. Long fingers, with long fingernails, reaching the floor. Extended arms. No face. They consume the past of others and create more.

But I take all of them out. All 23 children and- what we refer to them as- Skulks.

We find out that same night that there Is a way to reverse the effect. We don't know how far we can revert it though. That'll be for the month long session [we're glossing over the majority of it sans serious RP] where we basically nurture these kids to return to their humanity.

The one in Makaria's lap up there is Liadra. She's four years old. She also walked right over to Makaria, yawned, and plopped right down in her lap, fast asleep.

Makaria is such a mom type. She'll never let go of these kids.

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