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Kaia Natural


23 November 2014 at 11:39:01 MST

My dragon OC, Kaia, in her natural form. Originally posted on June 30, 2013.

Name: Kaia
Age: 142
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Height: 14'2 in true form, 5'3 in humanoid form
Length: 16'4 feet long in true form
Weight: 720 lbs.
Gender: Female
Race: Dragon
Species: Brine
Species Description: A blue-green neck frill sweeps back from the head of this dragon, leading to a body of shiny aqua scales and fin-like crests. They are of average size for dragons, ranging on the smaller side. They are often well muscled and lean, because of all the swimming they do.

Bio: Kaia was born deep in the depths of the ocean, where she makes her home alone with a couple of her kind. Her kind of dragon seems to be quite rare, at least in her little corner of earth, as brine dragons are easily gobbled up when small. Somehow, Kaia has beaten the odds and made it to adulthood. She does spend a lot of her time as a humanoid, which may explain her ability to survive for so long.

Kaia has gone through some small adventures, often tagging along with traveling adventurers, who are crossing the sea. She's met a number of people this way and has traveled to a multitude of different places. She hopes to one day visit the entire world.

Kaia keeps her true race a secret for the most part, and instead, opts to make pretense that she is a spell caster. Her inhuman humanoid form is a tip off, and at different times, she will bring out her wings or tail and feign that she uses the polymorph-self spell. This has kept her safe, as many of the previous companions she might travel with would have wanted to kill her for being what she is.

At one time, on a trip in a desert that was most horrible for her, Kaia ended up having an altercation with a particular blue dragon with which she has a disagreement, as feud would be too strong. Besides this dragon, she tends to get along with most.

Appearance: In her true form, Kaia is a typical young adult brine dragon, which means her scales are a bluish-green and her eyes are violet, as they are in her humanoid form. However, in her humanoid form, she is considered to have a rather strange appearance. She mimics it after different merfolk, with which she has had many interactions. Her hair is of an aqua hue and is usually left long and free, though has been seen adorned with multitudes of pearls. Her eyes are also a strange, and reflect a hue of purple. At first glance, she is a pale elf with strange coloring, as she has the same ears and light build of an elf. Though very few companions ask about her appearance, as her magical aura (that all dragons have) usually seems to account for her appearance in others minds.

Personality: Kaia is a very determined dragon. She knows what she believes and unless she is offered a good argument, she will rarely change her mind. However, she doesn't really try to have others convert to her beliefs. If one does already share her ideals, she finds them very pleasurable to talk with and might even offer them some gold, as her treasure hoard is quite large, with all the shipwrecks she has come across.

Kaia very much appreciates the finer things in life, and does not like to make do with peasant conditions. Her wealth is often explained by her 'spellcasting ability'. She is fairly easygoing, but does not like to be challenged, especially when she believes she's right. She has no problem standing up for herself or others, and is not against fighting whatsoever, but it is not her first reaction to difficult situations. She is also not very concerned with what others think of her, as she is nomadic in her travels, and rarely stays with the same group for very long.

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