Ellef Clan by Kaeilia

Ellef Clan


23 November 2014 at 11:20:16 MST

Canadian gargoyle clan I made up. Originally posted on June 28, 2013.

Ellef Clan
Location: Canada Arctic Archipelago, Ellef Ringnes Island
Description: A very reclusive clan, it’s known for being the only aquatic gargoyles to live in the far North in the cold water of Arctic. The clan is probably the most reclusive aquatic clan, since they live far North in an inhabitant island. This clan doesn't ventures far at land and they keep themselves on the coastal lines of the island, they avoid humans at all costs.
It’s also said that the members of this clan have a strange ability to see in the purest of dark and can swim way deeper than any other aquatic gargoyle.

From Left to Right

  • Ryker is a gargoyle that closely resembled an artic hare. He is the most outgoing of the clan and loves running laps around different islands nearby. He’s fairly sarcastic and is attracted to bright colors, though he doesn’t wear them often.

  • Signy is the only purely aquatic gargoyle in the main 7 members of the Ellef Ringnes clan. She resembles the coloring of a narwhal, and also has their horn. She spends most of her time under the water, so she is most acquainted with Blanc and Harper, though she does sometimes come up to the surface.

  • Gwyn is the most quiet of the group, and is very soft hearted. She is the one who makes sure the others get fed, helps tend to eggs and is often a peacemaker, who smoothes out disagreements (usually between Camden and Nanuq)

  • Nanuq (Nah-nook) is the leader of the Ellef Ringnes clan. Like other polar bears, he is strong and very territorial. He sees his pack as family, and is extremely protective of them. He is the first to ever have contact with outsiders and always has the final say. Though he is tough, he is fair and is patient, listening to all of the suggestions of his clan.

  • Blanc (Blahn - n is virtually silent)was the first real immigrant who was accepted to the Ellef Ringnes clan. She comes from slightly warmer waters to the west, but found herself swept northward in a series of storms. She has no memory of her life before encountering her current clan and took a name, since she could not remember ever having one. She has a strong spirit, but is very easy to lead astray and confuse, as she is quite gullible.

  • Harper is probably known as the most playful and carefree seal of the clan. He spends most of his time in the water, but tends to stick around the surface, as he can chatter away to others more easily this way, not to mention that Signy isn’t the best conversationalist. He loves to eat, and is very good at being annoying.

  • Camden is the ‘second in command’ of the clan, so to speak. He is strong, as Nanuq is, but is not so territorial and is much more volatile. He’s prone to swings of anger, which mostly only his mate, Gwyn, can calm him from. He is the primary scout for the group, when it comes to the air since he is easier to rely on than Ryker.

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