Annika Wolfram by Kaeilia

Annika Wolfram


23 November 2014 at 10:50:18 MST

Character made for a roleplay. Originally posted on May 30, 2013.

Name: Annika Wolfram
Pack: Formerly of the pack Silent Stride
Fur Color: Annika is a white wolf, though the tips of her tail and wings, as well as paws and snout are all a light blue in coloring.
Eyes: Violet with flecks of silver. They hold a sort of kindness in them.
Distinguishing Features: Annika has feathery wings. They are not very large, but big enough that she can hold her own weight and fly with them. She often keeps them folded against her, where they are inconspicuous.
Personality: Annika is fairly soft spoken and kind. She enjoys helping others, and caring for children. She has a small amount of magical potential, most of which she hasn’t tapped into. She does use it a little bit for healing, but it’s power frightens her, and almost whispers in her mind to ‘tempt’ her to destroy. She fights it whenever it surfaces or ‘speaks’ inside her.

History: Annika was the sister of the alpha wolf in her former pack. Due to this, she was given a fairly high rank in their pack order. However, she was never terribly comfortable with her ranking of what would have been considered beta. She always felt too shy to order others around. One day, she was separated from her pack by a monstrous creature that they were trying to take down. The monster bit her and when she returned to where her pack nested, they refused to allow her inside. They claimed she was tainted, and she was turned away.

Since this, Annika has wandered the woods on her own, unsure if she wants to find another pack and unsure if they’d accept her since she is ‘tainted’. The bite mark, which was on her left thigh, is completely healed and concealed by her fur. In appearance, it’s as if it never happened, but it’s something the wolf cannot let go. She truly believes she’s better off alone and that she is doomed to forever remain a lone wolf.

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