Mya for Sm0shy by Jyskal

Mya for Sm0shy


6 December 2012 at 06:51:56 MST

THIS BACKGROUND MAKES ME WANT TO PUNCH THINGS. But I am pretty happy with just kept giving me issues!

This is another part of me trying to find my style and such. I think with animals, I've found that the more realistic proportions and details are a keeper. I ADORED drawing this, knowing that it would be 100x more difficult than a cartoon sketch.

(I can flesh out a wolf sketch in 5 minutes in a cartoon style. But this took a good 25-30 to make sure everything was proportioned well, and such. And I admit, i feel a hundred times happier with this piece. It's MUCH more fulfilling. >w< )

Character belongs to Sm0shy on dA

Art is mine. owo

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    very nice. But the fur could use more sunshading since its a bright and happy background. But all togeather i adore this piece. The eyes hold alot of feeling and the background matches it perfectly.

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      Yep! This was actually one of my first real attempts at cell shading done over a month ago. :3 After I had submitted it, I realized that the shading could have used more detail, but my to-do list was so stacked I'd have had to come back for it later. x.x Right now I'm just updating my gallery with some of my more recent work. >w< <3

      Thank you very much for the comment btw, I really appreciate when people try to point out good AND bad things. owo I'm so used to people just ignoring any issues they spot. Which as nice as I guess that is if you're one of the people who's super sensitive to critique, I really enjoy when others can shed some light on things I missed!

      And I gotta say, my favorite part of doing this whole piece was those eyes. ;w; <3

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        the eyes are my favorite part on this as well. It stands out and i love how much emotion is carried in them. As i said. Keep up the good work<3 hope to see you improve!

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          Hehe, thank you very much! owo

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            my pleasure:3