Dog Breath by JWB

Dog Breath


22 January 2014 at 15:03:59 MST

Alright, this is a weird one.

This is a little something I thought up a while back that was just too interesting not to sketch out on paper.

So this guy you see before you has an unnatural interest, no scratch that, an unnatural obsession with the stench of dog breath. Something about it's strange and foul aroma just drives him off the wall. He used to follow dogs around just to get an elusive whiff of that strange bouquet of aromas that lied within the panting palate of a common dog. Of course, now, it's gotten to the point where he can't get enough of the scent. He's tired of the occasional whiff, and wishes he could experience the aroma at all times.

So he looks toward the craft of black magic to make sure that he's never far away from the scent he loves. Finding a spell which could grant his deepest desire, he recites the chant word for word, feeling a tingle in his nose and mouth. As the final words were spoken, his now longer flatter tongue flubbed through the words trying to adjust to his now extensive maw's new dimensions.

When it was finally completed, he opened his eyes, and left out a gruff gasp. He'd gotten his wish, alright, as he let his maw fall down and the rich odor of his reoriented throat seep from the confines of his muzzle. Panting lazily, the odor drifted directly to his wet black nose sending his mind over the edge.

Not only had he attained a permanent outlet for his obsession, but now he had a nose dozens of times more powerful than his previous one to take in every rich and strong element of the musky odor, sending his brain into a stimulation that he'd never experienced before. Sure he'd sacrificed any normal life he had for his obsession, but the man, well doggish man, could not be happier.