Madison's Mass Effect 9 by JWB

Madison's Mass Effect 9


22 January 2014 at 14:57:07 MST

Is the rat kidding? After stuffing the wolf for nearly an hour, the rat has the audacity to offer him even more fattening food? No way! Lobo's seen all the Monty Python movies, one last bite could make all the difference! But oh, does that cheese smell so delectable... Well, if it's just this one little piece, surely it shouldn't make a dent in the girth which surrounds him now, right. What could it hurt? The smell alone makes his whiskers twitch in anticipation. Wait... are those whiskers a little longer than they were yesterday? Eh, ah well, I'm sure it couldn't be any sorta ominous sign of anything...

Annd, that's the end of phase one. I'll leave it hanging here for now, while I clean up the next batch of the sequence. Hope you're all enjoying the sequence so far. I"m sure Lobo will come around once he tries a bit of that special blend from my own personal dairy supplier. It's a little pricier than the regular guys, but believe me, the added benefits are more than worth it!

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