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Sheepdog Sequence Retake 02 by JWB

Sheepdog Sequence Retake 02


21 January 2014 at 02:20:10 MST

Ironically, the more the man ran, the larger he seemed to get. His shirt creaked and flopped up as his new middle began to grow and bounce with every thundering step. The sheep doesn't seem to be giving up too easily, and gives the shifting man a full run for his money. The furrier man pants hard letting his longer tongue flop from the corner of his mouth. He can barely feel the sudden coolness of the country air across his new belly, as thick gray fur starts to sprout and spread over every inch of his flabby middle. His stubby tail begins to wag as the sheep's steps begin to dwindle, Suddenly, he makes a great leap at the poor sheep and pins him under his weight. The animal seemed to be elusive, but this new sheepdog is going to make sure, he gets back to the pasture where he belongs.

That's all I've got ready for now. The second part of the sequence will come this weekend;)