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Spirit Realm Welcoming by Justin1029

Spirit Realm Welcoming


It's no surprise that you found your way here to the Spirit Realm. Whether it was because you were some kind of ghostly creature or someone that was granted access to the place, you couldn't wait to find out more about this bustling city. As you got off the train, you find yourself amazed at the sight of so many beings living in here; beings of different sizes and shapes, most of them being Familiars. One in particular, Justin, was more than happy to greet you to the Spirit Realm in his own way. He seemed to be wearing some kind of shoes tailor-made to his demon raven feet, and as he lifted up his foot, you could see the word "CRUSH" written on the sole as he said, "Welcome to the Spirit Realm. Allow me to STAMP your "ticket"~", while wiggling his toes.

He doesn't look like he actually wanna crush you flat, maybe it's how he likes things, but let's just say this'll be one unique visit for sure... <3 

Figured there might be some fun with a big demon raven who happens to be a familiar for some reason. So yeah, this might as well be your entry to the spirit realm~ :P

Art by plasmameat
Demon raven is mine~

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