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Ares: City Stomped by Crab Stomp. by Justin1029

Ares: City Stomped by Crab Stomp.


23 August 2021 at 17:24:21 MDT

It's not rare to see Ares out of the sea often. As a civilian of his civilization, he's free to do as he wishes, given how their kingdom treats everyone there equally. (Well, they treat every giant crab titan there equally, can't say much for those tiny humans that get captured, pfft...)

On one circumstance, he was walking along the grasslands just near the coast of the sea, leaving behind giant footprints in the trail. Normal stuff for a giant crab like he is. That was until he felt something strange touch the underside of his toes.

"Hm? That's strange..."

He lifted up his foot to check his sole, and sure enough, he could spot plenty of really microscopic things on his sole crushed in the dirt that covered his sole.

"Now how the heck did those things get here??"

As for what he'd do to those microscopic things on his sole, that's up to him to decide...

Art by blackcat117
Ares is mine~

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