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Judgement by Justin1029



28 June 2021 at 21:33:05 MDT

You've been walking through the snow covered fields for a while now. The wind howling, battering you at your sides. The uncharted lands were quite treacherous but prime real estate for the company, and they were paying you a lot to claim it.

As you tried to peer through the snow, you felt the ground shudder beneath you, then again, like in a rhythm, and getting closer.

The wind suddenly blows hard against you. Knocking you off your feet.

Landing against the ground, you look up to see the storm clear around you, revealing a gigantic form above you, a Thrumbo, an anthro one wielding a large hammer seemingly made from ice.

He lifted his leg up, hovering his foot above you, you recoiling in fear, though looking back when you weren't squished on the spot.

The large creature held his foot above you, but not looking malevolently towards you, more curiously, as if wondering who exactly you were.

Oh my. Another coloured one? Yep, it is! Figured I'd have something to share with him again!

Art by noblebrony317
Nakoa is mine~

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