Bounty Hunter [1/2] by Justin1029

Bounty Hunter [1/2]


18 February 2021 at 01:22:25 MST

Being assigned for one of his special bounty hunter missions, the Tharx arrived on a planet, and was getting out of his ship, looking for one of his "targets". Well, it seems that one of the targets in mind was JD, and he got shrunk from the Tharx's special sweat that dripped from the foot, and the foot was coming down on him. He could see the big Tharx foot coming down, with the big sole...

But he isn't going to have to search for too long!

Wait, a late-night post? Yeah, nothing too special, but maybe I'm just not sleepy~

Art by efhosci
JD is nuclearwalnut
The Tharx is me~

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