Leon Looming Paw by Justin1029

Leon Looming Paw


6 January 2021 at 01:54:51 MST

The perils of being a mortal are often times overlooked by godly beings. Mortals tend to be concerned with not getting hit by cars, or not being struck by lightning. Usually these perils come with the territory, for example, if you run into the middle of the street, you should expect cars to hit you. If you stand outside in a lightning and thunder storm with a long metal rod in your hand, you should expect to be struck by lightning, and if you happen to be a mortal who's been teleported by accident (or intentionally) to a macro god's home, you should expect a pair of thundering, gargantuan padded paws, slamming into the soft floor with incredible booms, shaking you to your core. Of course, usually you'd have some warning of each event. A car will honk or you'll hear the engine reving. Thunder and rain usually accompany Lightning storms, and in the case of the macro god, you would think you'd hear him coming, well it just so happens this poor guy got teleported at the exact moment Leon's paw was descending, giving him no time to react.

This is a brilliant piece of Leon's paws (and a tiny) done by foxster-di-fox. Plus, the short story shown in bold and italics was done by goddessbreanna to make things more interesting! Thanks, you guys~