Paw Dilemma by Justin1029

Paw Dilemma


19 September 2020 at 12:29:55 MDT

Poor Leon, he's trying to figure out what the human wants from his paw~

This is meatyribcage's side of a trade I'm planning on doing, which is a little short story featuring Ridley. I still hadn't fully gotten to it yet, but I'm planning out how to lay it out. Expect to see it happen soon enough~

Also, this is a good time to plug in my Patreon, as I'll be posting exclusive previews there from now on. If you want a sneak peek of my work, the Rank E tier starts at US$1. It's gintarjo, in case you're wondering which one it is.

Art by meatyribcage
Leon Umbral is of me~